Annie Fowler

Board Member
(907) 343-6784

Hello! My name is Annie Fowler, I am a born and raised Alaskan, who loves the outdoors especially camping, fishing, and kayaking! I became a member of AMEA when I started as an Account Representative III at AWWU in 2017.  Then in 2020 I transferred to Property Appraisal to start as an Account Representative III in their customer service department.  Over the past 2 years, I continued to work my way up throughout the division and I am now a Senior Appraiser in their Residential department. 

I have also been a member of AMEA’s executive board for 1 ½ years since I was voted in to fill a vacant seat in December of 2020.  To this day, I am still standing true to my appointments platform and continuing to try and grow and expand the knowledge of our membership to know everything AMEA is here to do. 

I have enjoyed my time working for the Muni as it has given me so much knowledge, not just for the workings within our city but it has introduced me to the world of Unions and all the hard work they do. I look forward to what our Union can and will accomplish over the years to come.