Resources for Members

AMEA New Member Info Packet

(What is AMEA? What is a Shop Steward? What are dues? How can I help?)

This packet contains a wealth of AMEA information, and is a living document. As committees and officers change, some contact info may be outdated. However, the info included about dues, AMEA, and meeting dates is correct all year.

AMEA Orientation:

File AMEA Orientation Powerpoint

PDF icon AMEA Board Welcome Letter 2022


PDF icon AMEA CBA 2022-2025

PDF icon AMEA 2019-2021 Contract (Old)

PDF icon AMEA 2016-2018 Contract (Old)


Paul Hatcher – President – Citywide – 343-7942
Daniel Mckenna-Foster - VP – Chief Shop Steward – 343-7918
Rhonda Jamestown – Shop Steward – M&O – 343-8184
Liz Ellis – Shop Steward – Library – 343-2823
Francis McLaughlin – Shop Steward – Planning– 343-8003
Eva DuRant – Shop Steward – DHHS – 343-4789
Priscilla Evans – Shop Steward – Finance – 343-6634
Michael Burgamy  Shop Steward – Park & Rec – 538-3244
Andrew Repking  Shop Steward  Solid Waste  858-243-8546

AMEA Step 1 Grievance Form

If you have a potential workplace issue you believe is a grievance, please download and fill out this form to the best of your ability. Then turn it into a shop steward for advice and processing. This will enable the fastest possible resolution of your issue.