AMEA Sunshine Committee

As with all AMEA committees, the AMEA Sunshine Committee is comprised of members just like you, volunteering time and effort to further a certain goal of AMEA. Most AMEA committees are ad-hoc, and meetings are called by the chair of each committee as necessary.

The AMEA Sunshine Committee helps with spreading sunshine and good vibes to those members that may need a smile.

Current members of the AMEA Sunshine Committee:

  • CHAIR: E. DuRant
  • MEMBERS: M. Crosby, P. Donahue, J. Graham, G. Riggs-Kaiser, C. Manolo, C. Park, D. Sayavong, A. Swales, S. Weidle

Want to join the AMEA Sunshine Committee, or ask its members a question? Please click the link below and fill out the contact form it leads to. Your message will be sent directly to all members of the committee.