AMEA 2021 Executive Board Election

Good evening AMEA Members! As you know, the AMEA election was last night, and our wonderful elections committee members worked tirelessly to ensure every member had the chance to exercise their democratic right to participate in our union.


They took time out of their busy schedules to help facilitate the nominations process, the ballot creation process, the various administrative work that goes into that; as well as spending all day Thursday manning the ballot box, counting the votes, and certifying the election under observation. They don’t get nearly enough thanks or recognition for the amazing work they do to ensure our union is fair, efficient, and democratic. 


If you feel the same, feel free to let them know on the committee contact page on our website! 


2020 AMEA Officer Election Results 


Congratulations to all! The new AMEA Board for 2021 is:


President:                   Katie Portlock

Vice President:           Christine Metcalf

Recording Secretary: Eva DuRant

Secretary Treasurer:   Lesly Peters

Board Member A:       Jon Cecil

Board Member B:       Vacant

(This seat was vacated by previous board member Cacelia

McBeth, and is not up for election until 2021’s election. It will remain 

vacant unless the 2021 Board appoints pursuant to AMEA Bylaws). 

Board Member C:       Annie Fowler

Board Member D:       Brie Blanchard

Board Member E:       Brian Weigand