AMEA Election Deadline!

Greetings Members! 

As you are likely aware, the AMEA election is currently underway and votes are coming in every day by mail.

The deadline to get your votes in is 5:30pm on Thursday, December 13th. At that time, the Elections Committee will proceed with the election counting process. You may request a new ballot if you have lost or never recieved yours, please contact Lesly Peters for this.  Be sure to hand deliver your ballot to the hall or a board member/steward if you doubt that the post office will process it by the deadline.

If you never recieved a ballot, this means that AMEA likely does not have a good address for you. Please contact Jamie Graham, Lesly Peters, or resubmit the registration form located on this website under "Become A Member!". 

Thank you, and stay safe!