Jennifer Mayer

Board Member
(907) 343-6977

Hi Y’all! My name is Jennifer Mayer and I have lived in Alaska for 18 years. I love the outdoors and worked in the outdoor industry for over 20 years. I enjoy hiking and camping year-round with my boyfriend and our two dogs, Georgie and Horace. Most of my free time these days is spent in the gym powerlifting. 

I am so excited to join the AMEA board. I started with the Municipality in Central Payroll and then moved over to Human Resources. I now reside in the Controller Division of Finance. Currently, I serve on the Vera Whole Health Council and am on the Emergency Operations Response Team. I am new to AMEA and my goal is to learn all I can so I can be an advocate for our union members. I am ready to hear your concerns and ideas and to collaborate with the administration to find solutions that benefit everyone.